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What to Expect From Delta 11

  • A very intense high.
  • An experience that can feel exciting or engaging, but may be too extreme for some users.
  • An emphasis on euphoria.
  • Feelings that can border on the psychedelic for some users.

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What to Expect From Delta 9

  • A potent experience that isn’t quite as intense as Delta 11.
  • An overall sensation in the mind and body of feeling high.
  • Relaxation and euphoria for many users, although the experience can bring up sensations of anxiety or paranoia for some.

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What to Expect From Delta 8

  • A mild high that’s not likely to overwhelm most users.
  • Lower instances of paranoia, anxiety, and similar side effects as seen in cannabinoids offering a stronger high.
  • An emphasis on relaxation and pain relief.

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What to Expect From Delta 10

  • A very mild high that is manageable for nearly any user.
  • More pleasantly energizing effects, as compared to many other cannabinoids.
  • Potential benefits in terms of feeling stress relief and relaxation.
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